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New Product Release!

ThingsPosted by Arron Thu, May 13, 2010 13:02:30
FP Brake Levers (Magura '05)

The '05 compatible lever blades follows on from the success of the Fresh Products lever blades designed to fit the original Magura HS33.

The '05 blade maintains the ergonomic single finger dimensions which made the original so popular. This makes the Fresh Products lever one of the most comfortable to use in the trials market today.

NB: Brass TPA adjuster does not come with the lever. These are available separately at £3. Please note when ordering.

* Comfortable feel, due to being designed with single finger braking intended.
* Same length as the standard '05 lever blade.
* Waterjet cut & machined from HE30 aluminium in house.
* Brass barrel inserts to resist wear and slack feel where the lever bolts to the body.
* Stainless steel lever reach adjusment screw to allow personal setup.
* Symmetrical design allows the same lever to be run on either the left or right.
* Material minimised around finger to create a lighter feel.
* Anodised black finish.
* Price £31 (+£2 p&p)

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